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Newly discovered original version of Forever Young from 1989!

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s…1989! February 22, 1989 to be exact.

I have no clue how these things keep popping up, but a few days ago, a 30 year old cassette tape was found (in a box of old painting clothes) which featured not only a few Tyketto songs that never made it onto an album, but also the original version of Forever Young.

As Feb 22, 1989 was a Wednesday, that would mean this was recorded in the basement of L’Amour in Brooklyn, NY, where we rehearsed five days a week, (how cool was it that we had the keys to the hottest nightclub in the country!) Amazing to hear what Richie Zito did with the arrangement and production, while keeping the song’s spirit intact. Check it out!

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