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Are You Receiving The Communications You Signed Up For?

We last sent a full newsletter from the website one month ago today 21st December yet only 47% of those sent emails were opened. We are finding people are subscribing multiple times because they think they are not receiving our communications. Our web system advises they are being received but have likely gone into your junk/spam folder. To try and alleviate this in future, please add these 2 email addresses to your contacts if you think you should be receiving our website communications but haven't received anything in a while. There are two, one for blog posts like this link at the bottom from yesterday and the other for newsletters that are sent out periodically.

If you add these to your trusted contacts our emails should reach you without further issue. If you genuinely don't think you are subscribed but want to be, you can do that here and also please ensure you add the email addresses to your contacts as well.

Thanks all! 

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