• Tyketto

As we approach the end of 2019.........

Fifty degrees on Christmas Day…. Twas a Yuletide miracle!

Hoping you and yours had a wonderful holiday.

As Team Arbeeny settled in for a quiet Christmas night at home, I decided to go through a VERY old box of photos and magazine articles that were tucked away in my basement for decades. Although there were literally hundreds of items to sort through, the ones attached personified the excitement and innocence of those first few special years. Some of the photos are pushing 32 years old and may be a tad hazy, but you’ll get the sentiment…. late 80’s fashion in all its overstated glory! My son looked at a few of the photos and was quick to comment, “Wow…The eighties and early nineties looked like a really fun era!” I would be inclined to agree with him.

The curtain will soon come down on 2019, and everyone in the band would like to thank our most amazing, loyal, supportive and vocal fan base for one barnstormer of a year, and for three decades of love and friendship. We look forward to writing the next chapter together with you.

Bring on 2020! Tyketto

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