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We've kept this quiet for the past month out of respect for his privacy but after several discussions with the man himself, we wanted to let you know a little bit about the recent events happening to our very own Brooke St. James.

In late September Brooke contracted Covid 19 Pneumonia and spent the better part of the following month fighting for his life. Those of us who knew did our best to keep in touch every day and offer all the support and love that we could. I'm incredibly relieved to tell you that Brooke is now at home after a month in hospital and recovering in the loving arms of his family. But it is a very long rehabilitation process and, as anyone who is familiar with the American healthcare system knows, a very expensive one. So all of us in Tyketto are asking you to have a look at the gofundme page that has just been set up to help Brooke and his family cope with his situation. On the gofundme page Brooke has written about his life, past and present as well as his thoughts about his outlook on the future. It's a great read. If you are at all capable, please help with anything you can.

In the meantime, we love you Brookster, heal up and let us hear that guitar ringing out very soon.

Danny, Michael, Jim, Chris, Ged and Greg.

Go Fund Me Page


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