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Australia Show T Shirt Available Now!

Updated: 4 days ago

There was no way we were going to go all the way to Australia for the first time and not commemorate it with a special Tyketto Aussie T Shirt! So here it is, designed by our very own wizard of the arts, Graeme Purdy Bell, the special Australian Tyketto shirt. But you don't have to live in Australia to have one. The fact is, it's too bloody expensive to cart a couple hundred shirts all the way down under so this shirt will only be available on line so it's available to everyone!! If you do live in OZ, it won't get to you in time for the shows but it will be a great keepsake from the event.

Here's the link go get 'em!

****Please note if your address shows as unsupported during the order process please email Mick at JCPL using this address to place your order manually Thank you ****


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