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Don't Come Easy Turns 31!

On the March 19, 1991 Brooke St. James was followed home from a local record store by three young ladies holding brand new vinyl records in their hands. They eventually call out his name when he reaches the porch of our shared band apartment in Staten Island, New York and soon after, the rest of the band come outside and sign our first-ever copies of DON’T COME EASY. And so it began.

It’s impossible for us to convey what it’s like for musicians to see their finished album in stores, or to hear themselves on the radio for the first time, or to hear the roar of a large crowd when the lights go down. It’s the best feeling in the world. And while we all had dreams of rock and roll stardom, success and excess, what we got was so much more than that. Because here we are, thirty one years later, and it’s an album that is still talked about, still beloved by so many and still played regularly by fans all over the world. None of us could have seen that coming. We are all so grateful for the wonderful journey you have taken (and are still taking) with us, and it all started thirty one years ago today.

The remastered and reissued 2016 version of Don't Come Easy is still available from Rock Candy Records with the addition of "Walk Away" as a bonus track.

And although we are now in our 31st year our 30th Anniversary branded clothing is still available from our print on demand partner JCPL and those, along with all our available print on demand merchandise, is available to peruse here

Happy 31st Birthday Don't Come Easy!


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