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Spanish Radio Show Dedicated To Tyketto

Back in March of this year, Michael & Danny provided some audio clips to METAL AND ROCK, a radio program from Granada, Spain. These were to be included in a radio show dedicated to Tyketto. They both talked about certain albums, how they came about and special memories held around them. The show also played numerous tracks from across the years.

The radio show is in Spanish so for those of you fluent then enjoy the show, for those who don't speak Spanish I have made a note of the times you can go to and listen to the commentary and tracks played.

Thank you to METAL AND ROCK for dedicating your show to Tyketto, we very much appreciate the support.

Radio Show Link

The show starts with Forever Young

6:36 Michael talks about the origins of Tyketto

20:00 Danny talks about Don't Come Easy

27:45 Seasons

35:28 Danny talks about Strength In Numbers

45:10 Ain't That Love

54:25 Michael talks about Shine

1:03:55 Let It Go (Steve A)

1:11:36 Michael talks about Take Out & Served Up Live

1:17:48 The End Of The Summer Days (Steve A)

1:26:46 Danny talks about Dig In Deep

1:34:00 Faithless

1:42:25 Michael talks about Reach

1:54:48 Big Money

(The last section is songs played from Danny's career)

2:01:26 Heaven Tonight (Waysted)

2:08:36 Ready To Roll (Flesh & Blood)

2:12:50 Suddenly (From The Inside)

2:18:53 Avalon (Once & Future King Part One)

2:21:34 Fearless (Danny Vaughn)

2:27:48 Watching As It Burns (Burning Kingdom)

2:39:50 Forever Young Live


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