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The time has come to talk about...House Concerts!

They are up close and personal, they are a load of fun and they are each one different from the next. I'm doing more and more of these wonderful, private appearances and I have discovered that I can do them further and further from home if I can coordinate several on the go in the same area. So, first of all, if this is an idea that interests you, wherever you may be, please check out the house concerts tab on my web site with all the information you will need to plan an event.

Now, I have plans to be back in the states this Autumn. I will be playing several private shows in the North East. So if you live in that area and might be interested in having me play in your home or local venue, please go to my web site and check out the information provided as to how it all works and then fill out the simple information form telling me about what you might want to plan, and we can talk about it! I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Have an amazing day!

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