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Tour News Update....

For those of our subscribers who do not follow our social media channels, here is an update of tour news from the last few days.

First of all some sad news. We are very sorry to hear that ROCKNYTT has been cancelled due to scheduling issues with Viking Cruise Lines. We were looking forward to seeing some of these bands as much as we were looking forward to playing!

Secondly some exciting news! Well, we did warn you. Our upcoming show at The Waterloo in Blackpool is officially sold out!! So if you're planning on attending any of the other shows this Nov/Dec (also featuring the amazing This House We Built) then it's best to get your tickets in advance.

The band is hyped up and can't wait to rock out with all of you!

And finally, it's nearly here! Back in the UK this weekend rocking HRH in Great Yarmouth. See you there!


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