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Tyketto's New Drummer Is.......

Happy Saturday Everyone! You have been kindly patient and so it's time to reward you with our latest


Who? Who? Who, will be bold enough, brash enough and downright rocktastic enough to take his place on the drum stool after the departure of Michael Clayton Arbeeny? To be honest, I only had to make one phone call. Because I started my musical friendship with this man 36 years ago and he's always been one of the best rock drummers there is. So, ladies and gents, please give a very warm welcome to Tyketto's new drummer, coming to you from such monsters of rock as WWIII, Waysted, Britny Fox and Doro, the powerhouse that is JOHNNY DEE!!!!

I know you guys will all show him the love that always comes from our amazing fanbase and he's going to love getting to know all of you on next year's tour.

Stay Tuned!!

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