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Tyketto Tour Cancelled

It’s sad to say but 2021 didn’t end up being the turnaround year that we all hoped it might be. All of us have been spiritually and emotionally battered, had to re-think our ways of working and have had to go without so many of the social events and family get togethers that we as human beings thrive upon. We are more connected now by our hearts and empathy for each other than ever before, but we haven’t been able to express how much we care the way we normally would, with a hug, a surprise visit or a party with friends. There’s no question that our resolve is being tested.

Sadly, things are not looking to dramatically improve in 2022. The band and I have done our best to keep our hopes up but we have all come to an agreement that it’s still too dangerous, both for you, the audience and for us to play our planned UK tour dates in March 2022. We have agonised over this decision but with all the questions and uncertainties that this latest variant of the virus raises, and the latest restrictions being imposed because of it, we are going to have to put the entire Tyketto operation on hold for all of next year. This means that, rather than postponing again, we are officially cancelling our tour and have to ask you all to get ticket refunds from the various venues and ticket agencies involved. We know how terribly disappointing this is to our wonderful fans. Everybody really could use a break right now to get out and rock out just a little bit. But I’m fairly certain that you will see a lot more international touring groups having to cancel their plans for the coming year as well. We would all give just about anything for better news.

For now, all we can say is to hang tough, be safe, cherish your loved ones and friends and keep the faith. Live music will return again and we can’t wait to be part of it.

On behalf of the entire band, our crew and On Point Touring we wish you all the very best of Holiday Seasons and hope to see you all again soon,

Danny Vaughn


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