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With A Little Help From My Friends........

Before Danny and I started bouncing around the planet together in Tyketto, we cut our teeth in cover bands during the early 80’s. Barely eighteen years old, I was playing six nights a week with my band Dreamer (alongside a twenty year old guitar virtuoso named Vito Bratta). At the same time, Danny was tearing up the New York scene with his incredible band Allied Forces. Greg was also rocking it in NY, playing bass for Long Island favorites, Cintron. The scene was ripe with bands like Twisted Sister, Zebra, Steel Fortune (featuring Dave “The Snake” Sabo), One Hand Clap (featuring guitarist Steve Stevens), Legend (featuring Ted Poley on drums), TT Quick (featuring Accept’s Mark Tornillo on vocals) and countless other soon to be rockstars honing their craft by playing on the cover circuit. It’s the ultimate boot camp for musicians and is far more rigorous than any international tour I’ve ever been on. Forty years later, America’s east coast cover scene remains a hotbed for live entertainment.

I am fortunate to be a co-owner of 107 Productions, an east coast booking agency that houses the area’s largest cover band division.

As 2020 began, our bands were poised for one of their best years in recent memory. Covid-19’s arrival in mid-March quickly changed that. Global live entertainment has ground to a halt and the cover industry is no exception. In the last four months, our agency has canceled over 1,000 shows, with not much hope in sight that things will be back to normal anytime this year. The idea for the BANDED TOGETHER project was born from seeing the financial challenges presented to various members of our roster. No platinum records hang on their walls, and no “seven figure” bank accounts exist. They are hardworking blue collar musicians that will most likely be one of the last service industries to fully go back to work. Often overlooked as members of the national musical community, I know firsthand just how much time, effort, investment, and sacrifice goes into playing in a full-time cover band.

With that in mind, we produced the following video. In addition to our contributing singers bringing their vocal A-games to the party (37 singers representing 20 bands!), I was blown away with the guitar track that my Tyketto brother Chris Green laid down. It’s quite emotional, and from the second I heard it I knew we were on to something special. We’re closing in on 3,500 YouTube views in a little over two days! The response has been phenomenal and I want to share this with my Tyketto family. Please enjoy the song, share the video link and donate if you can. In addition to our Venmo account (@BandedTogether), visit for both PayPal and credit card donations. Don’t forget, that no donation is too small, and we appreciate all the love we’ve been receiving from our friends around the world. We could go on forever in describing how proud we are of our bands, but perhaps it's best to let the music do the talking. Enjoy!


BANDED TOGETHER- Produced by- 107 Productions Bands (in order of appearance) Garden State Radio Band of Make Believe Daddy Pop Lifespeed Pulse McGill and Co. Evolution X Changing Lanes Big Bang Baby The Cliffs The Breakdown Crash the Party The Empire Radio Nashville No Standards Temporary Grace Aftershock Audio Riot Tragic Remedy The Nines

Guitar Track- Chris Green Audio mix and master- Dan Toth Video edit- Rob Shotwell


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