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Click on each item for further information.  To place an order click on the 'go to link' underneath the item.  This will take you to the JCPL page. On there you will find "Buy Now" buttons under each of the product sections.  


When you click on that button, it will launch an email where you can let JCPL know your requirements in regards to size, colour, style and design and they will reply with a quote. Once you are happy, JCPL will send you an invoice for payment. 


Once paid, your order will be placed with delivery times confirmed. Should an email not automatically generate when you click on the "Buy Now" button, please manually send an email to  with Tyketto Order in the subject box. 

JCPL ship worldwide! Please note more designs are available on the JCPL page reached by clicking the "go to link" under each item. If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to ask Mick, not every style and colour is listed,  If in doubt, ask!

You can go straight to the main clothing landing page by visiting

Please note payment for any of these items will show up on your bank statement as SQ*JCPL.

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