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30th Anniversary Don't Come Easy Merchandise!

Updated: Feb 18

DON’T COME EASY, the album that put TYKETTO on the map is 30 years old this year and there was no way we were going to let that pass without doing something super special. And here it is! Designed by the amazing Graeme Purdy Bell, we present to you the official DCE 30th anniversary t-shirt (and more!) No Tyketto collection is going to be complete without one of these stunning, high quality designs available from the good folks at JCPL.

And here’s a note to all of you from the band’s own hard-hitting drum smasher, Michael.

“Greetings from your favorite drumming hermit.

Been a while since I’ve checked in. Seems like this long cold winter (and 2020 in general) knocked the mighty Mister Clayton back a few steps. I needed to “take a knee” for a few weeks, but it was nothing that a little sleep, getting back in the gym and a lot of coffee couldn’t fix. Spring has sprung and I’m back to my 400mph self again!

I want thank DV for the positive energy he’s been sending over the last few weeks. He took no prisoners in helping to design the anniversary merchandise line, and I couldn’t be happier with how it all came out. Kudos to the unstoppable merch team of Danny, Julie, Graeme and Mick for their Herculean efforts in putting it all together so perfectly.

As if everything offered so far wasn’t enough, Graeme just delivered the artistic “coup de grace” with the design of this beauty.

You know you have a cool design on your hands when you want to be the first in line to buy your own stuff!

Once again, we want to wish Don’t Come Easy a very happy 30th with the official anniversary logo, which you can custom design on sweats, a tee shirt or hoodies.


The new Don’t Come Easy merchandise items are available to view on the JCPL Tyketto page here

or via the JCPL Store option on the menu along the top of our website

On there you will find "Buy Now" buttons under each of the product sections.

When you click on that button, it will launch an email where you can let JCPL know your requirements in regards to size, colour, style and design and they will reply with a quote.

Once you are happy, JCPL will send you an invoice for payment.

Once paid, your order will be placed with delivery times confirmed. Should an email not automatically generate when you click on the "Buy Now" button, please manually send an email to with Tyketto Order in the subject box.

Please note payment for any of these items will show up on your bank statement as SQ*JCPL


“Once you receive your purchases from us, if you are unhappy with them for any reason and let us know within seven days of receipt, we will arrange replacements or a full refund subject to the goods being returned to us in good order.

Please email us at

A new edition to the Don't Come Easy 30th Anniversary merchandise line tonight!

The baseball cap!

Visit the JCPL Tyketto page for details on that and all of our other new merchandise items now on sale.

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