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The “DOCUMENTALLY YOURS” DVD commemorates Tyketto's 25th anniversary, and tells the story of a band that refused to give up, and as a result, amassed a global base of die hard fans that continues to grow. 
Produced by drummer Michael Arbeeny, this three hour package features: 


  • 90 minute band documentary, which takes you from their beginnings in Staten Island NY, to signing with Geffen Records, to performing on concert stages around the world. The documentary also includes recent commentaries from all four original band members.
  • 90 Minute live worldwide webcast concert from New York in 2011
  • Home movies taking you up close and personal during the making of Tyketto's 2011album, "DIG IN DEEP"
  • Video commentary and pop-up, fun facts for the classic Tyketto video "WINGS"



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Documentally Yours - DVD

SKU: DVD-0001
  • While sifting through over 90 hours of VHS footage of the band’s home movies, I came to the realization that a very interesting story was emerging. This wasn’t just about Tyketto. It was also an insider’s view our generation, and of the infamous New York music scene that launched a generation of iconic rock bands. This hobby of mine soon morphed into an obsession, and two years later, DOCUMENTALLY YOURS was born.

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